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Experts in the fields of screw pile foundations and heat pump systems for heating and cooling. We are designers and distributors of AB Chance® helical screw piling systems and highly efficient heat pump systems that deliver high-quality sustainability to our network of trained installers and their clients.

Case Study: Screw pile foundations for compact housing solution

Helical Screw Pile Foundations For New Build Off-The-Shelf Houses in South London

Hubbell Chance Helical Screw Pile foundations were the ideal solution for these two new build off-the-shelf, environmentally friendly houses in South London.

This restricted access, back garden site was located on a flood plain with challenging ground conditions.  Our certified and trained installers installed 10 screw piles for each house using a mini excavator with a hydraulic attachment on the boom.  There was no requirement for piling mats or muck away arisings, which are a factor with normal piling methods.  The piling operation for both houses was quick, taking only 1 (long!) day with the piles ready to receive the steel grillage the following day.

A beam and block floor and SIP (Structural Insulated Panels), thermally enhanced wall and roof construction will make these compact housing solutions some of the smartest and environmentally friendliest houses on the UK market.

ASHP For Expansion Of Claremont School

Claremont Senior School is located in the historic village of Bodiam in East Sussex and is currently undergoing expansion with the addition of a new drama and science block.

Two 25kW Ochsner Air Source Heat Pumps will provide all the heating and hot water demands for the two new extensions.  The two heat pumps are installed in cascade coupled to two 1,000 litre buffer tanks, one to supply the UFH and the second to supply the hot water via an internal heat exchanger.

Claremont School will enjoy an efficient heating and hot water system and is eligible for the Government’s non domestic RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) with quarterly payments over a 20 year period.

Case Study: Claremont School, Bodiam, Air Source Heat Pump

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Well done @etonmanor great seeing hard work rewarded; amazing sustainability project(s) by @GroundSun the "Manor" has wonderful history, past and present members and committee(s) must be proud #UTM #grassroots #rugby #wanstead @essexrugby thanks @owenslot

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