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Ground Sun installed 46 screw piles in a white city terraced house basement, an extreme example of the restricted access Ground Sun are capable of installing this foundation system in.

Previously Ground Sun were contracted with the installation of underpinning screw pile foundations to support the building during the digging out of the basement.

The client wanted to maximize the size of his basement on his small London plot, Ground Sun’s screw pile solution enabled the basement to be dug to the same footprint as the rest of the property. Pictured below are the piles, exposed after the excavation, supporting the building. Here you can see that Ground Sun’s solid steel piles can support the wait of a building whilst exposed. This wouldn’t necessarily be the case for hollow piles.

Here is an exposed pile used to hold support the building during the dig out surrounded by its grout column.


Here you can see just how tight access was.
One of the challenges of this site was keeping disturbance to a minimum as this site was surrounded by neighbouring buildings. Ground Sun’s solution is vibration free and much quieter than traditional piling systems. This enabled works to go ahead without disturbance to neighbours, even with how close neighbouring buildings were situated.
Here are the finished piles installed in the basement, no excavation was required which would have proved costly and time consuming given there was no access for machinery. The piles were installed via a hand-held rig pictured below.

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