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Commercial heat pumps are a fantastic way to cut heating costs for a business – here is why

The average business has likely faced a barrage of increases upon their outgoings over the most recent years, with the most significant of which likely being energy bill based. And despite there being recent news of decreases industry wide, reducing both gas and electricity rates, these decreases (of, on average, 5% [BBC 2015]) will do little to please commercial users who have experienced energy prices that have doubled over the past decade.   So here we look to a viable alternative for commercial businesses and their energy needs, and here we explain why heat pumps are serving up an ideal solution to still sky high commercial energy bills.

Heat pumps provide for increased efficiency… even when in the most demanding of commercial environments

Heat pumps offer unparalleled performance as far as energy efficiency goes. To put these into a few solid figures let us consider that research has found heat pump systems to be 400% more efficient that standard heating systems and that, as they move heat rather than create it, provide for average savings that are in excess of 60% for ground source heat pumps and 40% for air source heat pumps (Carbon Trust 2014).

Commercial Heat pumps serve up reliable energy where only minimal maintenance is required

Heat pumps are seriously reliable, providing for peace of mind that businesses can go about daily operations without the worry of unreliable heating, and without the time consuming tasks of excessive maintenance. They generally come with 25 years’ worth of performance with absolutely no loss of efficiency (which then compares to the average boiler, which can lose anything up to 2% efficiency per year, with a life span that is limited to 12 years [Which? 2015]).

Heat pumps come with plenty of environmentally friendly credit

Commercial heat pumps, given that they draw heat from renewable sources, are already environmentally friendly. However when and if they are coupled with a green focused electricity supply (such as from solar panels) heating systems can become carbon neutral. Which is ideal for those businesses that must adhere to stringent energy guidelines.

Commercial Heat pumps offer unparalleled safety levels

An often overlooked benefit of heat pump systems is that they provide for pretty much unparalleled levels of safety as compared to traditional systems where fires and gas leaks remain an all too common occurrence. What’s more heat pump systems also result in water that is heated to a reasonable temperature, overcoming the prospect of employees being scalded. And when the system is installed within a business where an employer has a duty of care to their employees, improved safety standards can never be a bad thing.

Heat pumps are easy to install and backed up by warranty

The installation of a heat pump is a straightforward process when undertaken by a reputable company staffed by professionals. What’s more they are also backed up with the reassurance of a warranty, which generally tends to cover 5 years parts and labour as standard.

If you’re interested in a business heat pump – please get in touch with us to discuss – we’d love to help.

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