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Water source heat pumps provide a lot of benefits to properties and we’re going to take a closer look.

Recently the UK energy market has been subject to price freezes or, in some instances price drops of up to 5%, however given that the average UK home has undergone price rises that amount to tenfold increases over the past decade consumers are right to feel pretty unexcited by this news. What’s more with these prices looking anything but set to stay savvy consumers are looking toward energy alternatives for home heating that can save them significant amounts of money, whilst being kinder to the environment.

An often overlooked option for such consumers is that of water source heat pumps, so here we take a look at just five of the reasons why this energy option warrants serious consideration.

Five solid reasons to consider a water source heat pump system

Water source heat pump cost less than a lot of alternatives

Water source heat pumps are one of the most effective ways of heating your home through renewable energy; this is because water source pumps benefit from a higher coefficient of performance than that of ground source or air pumps. Which in jargon free English, means that every single unit of electricity that is used to operate them can go to directly producing more heated water.

Because water source pump systems are easier to implement

Digging trenches for ground source pumps is not only time consuming… but also more expensive. This is due to the significant equipment, due diligence and planning that goes into the digging process. Water source pump systems, on the other hand, removes the need for all of these things, presenting an altogether far simpler solution.

Because they can fit into your property with little visual impact

Unlike solar panels or air source pumps, water source pump systems present a pretty idea installation method of being placed and operating almost exclusively under the body of water. There are no ugly panels to go on the roof and no intrusive air conditioner type systems to take up space outside the home…. just underwater piping and a small processing centre that can be placed in a convenient, subtle location hidden from view.

Because they may fall under the Government’s Green scheme

Water source heat pumps can range in costs as according to the property that they will be installed within, however generally speaking they cost from £10,000 upwards. This cost is undoubtedly significant however the Government is currently providing a solid range of financial help to alleviate at least part of the installation costs.  

Because water source heat pumps are seriously environmentally friendly

The efficiency of the water source heat pumps means that you’re not only getting more bang for your buck, it also means that you’re producing fewer carbon emissions and becoming a household that is a whole lot friendlier to the environment. What’s more this renewable energy means that you’re not continuing to run down the earth’s non-renewable resources as is used with traditional heating… such as oil, coal and fossil fuels.   Water source heat pump cost a lot less then people imagine and can be a fantastic addition to a domestic or commercial property. If you are interested in a water source heat pump system – then get in contact with us.

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