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There are numerous reasons to consider a water source heat pump – here are 7 of the best

With the topic of energy and the ways in which we heat our homes always serving as a particularly hot issue within a landscape of ever increasing prices, more and more of us understandably look towards alternatives. One such alternative that has gained ground in recent years is that of water source heat pumps and in this blog article we look at the 7 reasons behind such interest and why so many are seeing them as the future of commercial and home heating.

A water source heat pump system could lower your bills significantly

Water source pumps draw upon natural energy production from water reserves (and their movements) to heat your home, so it goes without saying that this invaluable resource could save you significant amounts of money upon your traditional heating bills. In fact this saving could be around £190 per year when replacing gas heating, or £840 per year when replacing electric heating (Energy Saying Trust 2014)

Commercial Water source pumps require only minimal maintenance

Water source pumps are far from demanding in terms of the maintenance that they require and generally are provided with a warranty of between two to three years. Exact maintenance checks that you would undertake can differ from pump to pump and the provider in question should be able to advise you of these even prior to going ahead with your order. Typical maintenance checks may include inspecting the pump, external pump and electronics prior to switching the heating back on after an extended time (such as following the summer months).

Water source heat pumps may come with rather an attractive offer from the government

The government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme may mean that you are paid in return for installing a water source pump system. This scheme falls under the UK Government’s well known ‘Green Deal’, which provides finance for those who make energy efficiency improvements. Most specifically this would see you paying lower bills over the course of a predefined period until you have been effectively ‘paid’ a set amount. Find out more about the Green Deal here.

Water source pumps are seriously environmentally friendly

Water source pumps can lower your home’s carbon emissions by significant amounts (with the exact amount depending upon which fuel type you were previously using); so you’ll not only be doing your bank balance a favour, but the wider environment in large a green focused favour too.

A Water source pump system is completely free from requiring fuel deliveries

Water source pumps require only the heat that they draw from the water source, as well as a limited amount of antifreeze in order to protect the system during the colder months. So, as opposed to some alternatives, water source heat pumps require no inconvenient or costly deliveries.

Water source pumps systems can serve as both water heating as well as central heating

Water source pumps are an ideal all-round solution that can heat your home, as well as the water within your home. What’s more as their construction means that heating is graduated, with the system working at lower temperatures over longer periods as compared to oil or gas boilers, your home will feel comfortably warm throughout even the coldest of winter months. Finally all of this comes with installation that is free from the need for trenches or drilling, as is the case with ground source heat pumps. Team a water pump with one of these from Ethanol Fireplace Pros and according to https://www.simplyswitch.com/https://www.simplyswitch.com/ you will greatly increase the eco friendliness of your home.

Water source pumps can be as effective for the private home as they can be for the commercial customer

Water source heat pumps are effective within any setting, be it in private or commercial, as long as the business or private premise lends itself to the installation of such as system. What’s more for the business that may be a significant user of energy this can serve as a serious boost to that seemingly ever squeezed bottom line. Finally customers of today can look forward to a wider range than ever before of commercial heat pumps that are specifically designed for high volume, commercial use; and there are even pumps designed for specific premises (such as heat pumps for schools or heat pumps for golf courses).

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