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Air source heat pumps for ‘hard to heat’ family home and B&B in Norfolk

Ground Sun have designed and installed an air source heat pump system for this large 400m2 six bedroom family home and bed and breakfast business in Norfolk.  The house has no double glazing, little insulation, high ceilings and traditional radiators.  The property was previously reliant on oil for its heating as it is off grid so there is no further requirement for oil deliveries or concern about oil theft which can be a problem in remote rural areas such as this.

Two Ochsner GMLW 14 plus air source heat pumps were installed to provide all the space heating and hot water requirements of the property.  These horizontal-split machines have the air heat exchanger mounted horizontally to extract the necessary amount of warmth from the outside rainwater and air.  This outside unit is connected to the heat pump inside the house.



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