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Air Source Heat Pumps London & Nationwide

Recycling Heat from the outside air has never been more important

Ground Sun has been an air source heat pump company in London and nationwide for over a decade now and, in that time, we’ve fitted and installed domestic and commercial buildings with our quality Austrian and UK manufactured heat pumps.

We recognise that the Ochsner air source heat pumps are representative of an innovation step towards climate control that provides energy efficiency and sustainability; a balance that has eluded the market until recently. Suitable for use with radiator systems (thanks to the 68deg heat pump technology), underfloor heating and warm air convectors this technology can revolutionise buildings in which they are installed. Ground Sun is the premier installer of air source heat pumps in London and operates nationwide.

Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP) and Table Source Heat pumps TSHP extract heat from the outside air and rain. This heat is absorbed at low temperature into a fluid, which passes through a compressor where its temperature is increased and this heat is transferred to heat emitters in the property.

Ochsner ASHPs can now offer efficiencies as good as Ground Source Heat Pumps and they are easier and quicker to install than ground source options. They are especially suitable where space is limited and horizontal ground loops or boreholes are not an option. The Ochsner GMLW 14 plus series offers excellent efficiencies with a COP (coefficient of performance) of 4.73 which is above 98% of ground source heat pumps on the market. ASHPs will provide you with an income through the Government’s RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) Scheme, however, tariffs are lower than those for Ground Source Heat Pumps – see Grants and Incentives for more details.



Flow temperatures up to 65 deg

Ochsner heat pumps

Heat pump capacity output


Air to water heat pumps from OCHSNER are the quietest on the market. In many parts of England, 35 dB, which corresponds approximately to whispering or rustling of leaves, must not be exceeded at the assessment point (i.e a bedroom window) .

The figure below shows the distance at which an OCHSNER outdoor unit may be positioned from the property boundary without exceeding 35 dB.

Talk to the team about your air source heat pump installer. 


Choose your preferred colour for the outdoor thermal table heat pump. In addition to the standard colours of anthracite grey, traffic white or white aluminium – OCHSNER also offers a multitude of other colours to allow the outdoor unit to blend perfectly into its surroundings. Choose your favourite colour from 1,625 RAL shades for your outdoor unit. Order based on sample cards “RAL Classic K7” and “RAL Design D2”.

How High Efficiency Air Source Heat Pumps Work

Air Source Heat Pumps operate through a very simple process where natural heat transitions from air, into a fluid. This process is achieved by lowering the temperature of the original heat source. The fluid that is produced through this process then travels through the pump’s compressor where it is heated up, going on to then heat the home’s circuit to serve as a warm water source.

The efficiency that such pumps offer is gained from the way in which the process uses free heat from the environment in which it is found (as opposed to generating the heat through typical fuel sources which include gas, oil and LPG).

Benefits of a High Efficency Air Source Heat Pump in the UK

In addition to providing energy efficiency, our air source heat pump installations in London present numerous other benefits, including:

  • Lower fuel bills (particularly if you are making the switch from electric heating),
  • A possible income if you join the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive,
  • No need for inconvenient oil or gas deliveries,
  • Space and water heating,
  • Low maintenance requirements,
  • Can be far easier to install than ground source heat pumps.

Ready to find out what such a system could do for you?

Talk to our team about this solution for your home or business. Heard enough? Talk to the team of air source heat pump installers in London and nationwide.

Sustainable Vision – 1,500m2 London Residence

Sustainble Vision  environmentally friendly heating and hot water powererd by Solar  Date: Sept 2019  Client: Mormac Construction  Poject Type: New build  About this Project The sustainability challenge was to create a zero carbon property which generated sufficient...

How Efficient Is An Air Source Heat Pump?

After three years installed, we decided to revisit a Victorian hard-to-heat house on the Sandringham estate in Norfolk and look at how efficient the single-phase Ochsner GMLW 14 air source heat pump has been since installation.    What's very special about this...

Canary Wharf Goes Green! 🐦🌱

A Central London terraced house in Canary wharf has switched from mains gas to run on the Ochsner Cameleon, a super compact and elegant air source heat pump.  The owners decided that they wanted to call an end to the toxic emissions their boiler was adding to London's...

How Does an Eagle Heat a Huff House? 😮

A beautiful Huff house in Norfolk has switched from mains gas to run on the Air Eagle, a highly efficient air source heat pump.  The proud owner of this house had a technical background and a keen interest in sustainability. Following intense research into heat pump...

Air Source Heat Pump installation for Baylis Landscape Contractors

The Ochsner GMLW 14 Plus Air Source Heat Pump provides 100 percent of the space heating and hot water requirements for this 250m2 commercial building. In addition to reducing their energy bills, the installation will qualify for the Governments commercial RHI...

Air Source Heat Pump for house in Woodford Green

ASHP for green retrofit in Woodford Green Ground Sun installed the Ochsner GMLW 14 Plus Air Source Heat Pump for this retrofit project in Woodford Green Essex The Ochsner GMLW series are highly efficient horizontal-split heat pumps comprising an outdoor air heat...

65kW Ochsner Air Source Heat Pump

Ground Sun has provided a 65kW Air Source Heat Pump for the Sturminster Newton Building Supplies Depot in Dorset This Ochsner 65kW air source heat pump provides 100% of the space heating and hot water requirements for this 800 square meter building.  Heat is emitted...

Sheffield apartment block

Ground Sun has supplied a 65kW Air Source Heat Pump together with underfloor heating for this 5 storey apartment block This Ochsner 65kW air source heat pump is ideally complemented by high end IVT German-manufactured underfloor heating. This 5 storey appartment block...

ASHP for offices in Derbyshire

ASHP heats 5 commercial units in Bakewell, Derbyshire An Ochsner GMLW 14 Plus air source heat pump is providing space heating and hot water for 5 commercial units in Bakewell, Derbyshire.  This is a renovation of a heating system in an existing building which is split...

WHY OCHSNER? – The 40 Year Old Heat Pump

A heat pump that has been used safely for 40 years Recently, OCHSNER received a thank you letter from customers who have used our products since 1979. We are also very proud of it. The content of the letter is translated into English as follows: To whom it may concern...

Air source heat pump in Norfolk

Air source heat pumps for 'hard to heat' family home and B&B in Norfolk Ground Sun have designed and installed an air source heat pump system for this large 400m2 six bedroom family home and bed and breakfast business in Norfolk.  The house has no double glazing,...

Claremont School, Bodiam, Air Source Heat Pump

ASHP for expansion of Claremont School Claremont Senior School is located in the historic village of Bodiam in East Sussex and is currently undergoing expansion with the addition of a new drama and science block. Two 25kW Ochsner Air Source Heat Pumps will provide all...

ASHP in Kent

ASHP for supported accommodation scheme in Kent Ground Sun have designed and installed an Ochsner GMLW 19 plus air source heat pump for Accommodation Yes www.accommodation-yes.com , an organisation providing supported accommodation for adults with learning...

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