Anchor and Foundation for utility tower/pole after flood events in the UK and Ireland

Why is rebuilding after a flooding event required for your utility assets? 

Rising water and flooding events tend to damage or weaken transmission line and substation structure foundations. AB CHANCE® helical piles are installed in any type of ground conditions such as flood plains, sand, soil, gravel and peat bogs.

Helical piles are the go-to solution even when soft soils will not support heavy structures or equipment. As the AB CHANCE foundations are installed with no concrete and with standard light excavators mobilisation costs are reduced.

Benefits of Helical Piles

  • Cut time and cost
  • No curing times
  • helical piles can be unscrewed and removed if needed
  • piles are loaded immediately
  • measurements during install give a tested pile in terms of load thanks to the torque correlation method
  • No spoil removal and it is not an auger
  • light installation equipment required, i.e handheld or mini excavator
  • remediation of existing foundation
  • minimum training for your utility personnel to install
  • A wide range of CHANCE Helical Pile Grillage System for connecting to structures

CHANCE Grillage

The CHANCE grillage is designed to transfer load from the helical pile bearing places deep below ground to the structure.

Advantages of the grillage system are:

  • A fully engineered and tested solution
  • No field modification or welding
  • No drilling
  • Pre-assembled in the CHANCE factory
  • Clamping and grouting system allows for pile alignment to be varied