Rail & Trackbed Stabilisation

Screw piles are an advantageous choice when it comes to stabilising rail and trackbed stabilisation and infrastructure.

Rail systems require a stable and secure foundation to ensure smooth and safe operations. Traditional methods often involve time-consuming and expensive processes like concrete pouring and pile driving.

However, screw piles offer a more efficient and cost-effective solution. These piles, consisting of steel shafts with helical plates, are installed directly into the ground using specialized equipment.

The helical plates provide excellent load-bearing capacity, allowing the piles to withstand the heavy loads and vibrations associated with rail systems.

The installation process is quick and minimally disruptive, requiring minimal excavation and eliminating the need for curing time.

Additionally, screw piles can be easily adjusted or removed if necessary, making them a flexible option for rail and trackbed stabilization projects.

Overall, the use of screw piles offers a reliable and efficient solution for ensuring the stability and longevity of rail and trackbed infrastructure.

Rail, instant foundation screw pile foundations - square