House Extensions

Screw piles have emerged as an excellent foundation option for extensions due to their numerous advantages.

When extending an existing structure, the stability and load-bearing capacity of the foundation become crucial considerations. Screw piles provide a reliable and efficient solution in this regard.

Their installation process is minimally invasive and does not require extensive excavation or disruption to the surrounding landscape.

This makes them ideal for adding extensions to homes without causing significant disturbance to the existing property. Screw piles are also versatile and adaptable, allowing them to be installed in various soil conditions, including tight spaces or areas with limited access.

This flexibility makes them a practical choice for house extensions where conventional foundation methods may not be feasible.

Additionally, screw piles offer excellent structural support, ensuring the stability and durability of the extended portion of the house.

Their cost-effectiveness, quick installation time, and minimal environmental impact further contribute to their appeal as a foundation solution for house extensions.

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