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Eton Manor Rugby Club, based in Wanstead, East London, can claim to be one of the greenest rugby clubs in the country following the completion of its eco-friendly sustainability upgrade by Ground Sun.
Solar PV Array
A 10kW roof mounted PV electricity generator system has been installed on the club house roof.  The system is on track to producing over 10000kWs of free electricity in its first year and should achieve payback within 5 years.  Electricity savings, together with feed in tariff income, which is paid for 20 years, should produce savings for the club of around £2,700 a year.
A 120 meter borehole was drilled into the aquifer below the club’s grounds to extract up to 20,000 litres of water per day, more than sufficient to supply the clubhouse showers, toilets and new pitch irrigation system.  It is estimated the borehole will save the club circa £6,000 per year in water bill costs.
Ice Storage System
A bespoke ice battery storage system, designed and manufactured in the UK by Ground Sun has been installed.  This recycles and stores the free cold that is produced as a by-product of creating heat.  Ice is then used for free sustainable cellar and beer/drinks cooling.  This system should achieve savings of circa £2,000 a year.
Heat pumps
Two water source heat pumps have been installed which extract heat from the water extracted by the borehole to provide 100% of the space heating and hot water requirements.  This installation is eligible for the non-domestic Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme (paid for 20 years) and income from this together with energy bill savings should save the club circa £6,500 a year.
Total estimated income and savings per year = £17,200
Total estimated income and savings over 20 years = £344,000

Client Testimonial

Gary Wood, Club Chairman, said:
Our bills were crippling us.  We couldn’t even afford to put the heating on in winter or water the pitches in summer.  the sustainability project wasn’t cheap but the sums added up and we had to look to the future.  With projected income and savings of £344,000 over a 20 year period, imagine how much we will be able to do with that sort of money invested into grass roots rugby.  I believe we have secured the future of our club in one stroke and urge every club to at least have a survey done to see how much they could save.

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