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Changes to the EU law mean that the sustainability and efficiency of heat pumps will soon be clearer to see thanks to energy rating labels

The reality is that like most products in this world, not all high temperature heat pumps are created equally. Some heat pumps are far more efficient than others. So, let’s talk about ErP or energy rating labels.

Our High Temperature Heat Pumps

However, until now this wasn’t something that was clearly marked and visible for consumers to see. Fortunately, come September this is going to change. Due to the adoption of the EU eco-design directive all manufacturers must implement a rated label on products no later than September 2015. In essence, the labels that have been used to showcase the energy efficiency of domestic appliances such as fridges, freezers and washing machines will now also do the same for heat generators, heat pumps, solar cylinders and indirect water heaters among some other items. As we have previously mentioned, there is a disparity in the quality and the energy efficiency of high temperature heat pumps and thanks to the new legislation this will be a lot clearer to see. Ground Sun has always used the most efficient products on the market and is very proud of the fact we supply a top brand – Ochsner heat pumps.

Ochsner Heat Pumps

Ochsner heat pumps offer the highest grade in manufacturing and are well ahead of other lower grade manufacturer in this regard. The main reason being, they can be. The Ochsner heat pumps that we use receives the highest possible rating in terms of efficiency and is A++. This means that it’s right at the top of the scale in terms of sustainability. For customers this is great news, as it means they are using a heat pump that provides the greatest level of sustainability and energy saving possible – this is clearly good for their pockets and also for the environment. This will be the case for all heat pumps, so we can expect ratings on everything from grounds source heat pumps, to even the high temperature air source heat pump.

Rating Systems for High Temperature Air Source Heat Pumps and GSHPs

The new rating system classifies heat pumps and the other goods into nine different ratings – with our Ochsner heat pumps at the very top of the pile. The lowest category is ‘G’ which identifies appliances that have poorer values. In terms of high temperature heat pumps, the rating system is based around the seasonal coefficient of performance. You can read more about this on our heat pump page. In, a sentence the seasonal coefficient performance will consider the potential of a heating system based on one of three climatic regions in the EU. This will then be calculated and used to label the products correctly. The new energy ratings are a welcome introduction for us at Ground Sun and will allow the consumer to clearly see the true worth of the high temperature heat pump system that they are investing in. If you have any questions or are interested in our high temperature heat pumps or high temperature air source heat pump to reduce savings – then we’d love to hear from you – contact us.

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