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Ground Source Heat Pump for Shropshire Farm

Ground Sun installed a ground source heat pump system in this harder to heat 300m2 farmhouse in an exposed location in rural Shropshire.

The farmhouse was previously heated by oil which cost the owners over 5k a year to run, and even then, the house never really felt warm!

Ground conditions in this area were ideal for a GSHP system as there was losts of ground water which is excellent for extracting heat from the ground.  9 slinky trenches were dug in the paddock (circa 2 acres) 150m away from the house. Each trench was 50m long and 1.4m deep.  2,700m of pipe was laid in trenches, plus 300m of header pipe.

Ground Sun installed 2 x 15kW ground source heat pumps (Ochsner GMSW 15 Plus) to provide 100% of the space heating and hot water requirement.  The heat demand for the house at 5 degrees C was 15kWs but at -5 degrees C the requirement was for 30kWs. A full cascade system was therefore installed so depending on the load for the building either 1 or 2 heat pumps will run.  The heat pumps will manage the run hours between the two machines so they are both used equally.

The client installed underfloor heating downstairs and a mixture of fan coil radiators and underfloor heating upstairs. The farmhouse is now lovely and warm and the system is eligible to receive quarterly payments from the governments Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) Scheme for a period of 7 years.

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