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A 21kW Kensa ground source heat pump was installed for the Secret Yurts Campsite in the Welsh hills.  The heat pump replaced the previous oil fired heating, providing space heating and hot water for a farmhouse, holiday cottage and new build shower and washing facility for the campsite.  Commenting on the installation, the owner Mr Phillips said:

“Living where we do, surrounded by rolling Welsh hills, we are very conscious that our luxury holiday accommodation should strive towards being eco-friendly. To do this we decided we wanted a heating system that paired technological innovation with natural resources. It is also very important for our guests to be comfortable during their stay with access to a constant supply of heating and hot water.”

For this pioneering method, Ground Sun used a specially adapted drilling rig with ‘no dig’ technology, which meant that all the drilling was done from one chamber thus avoiding potentially disruptive excavations. The rig also allowed Ground Sun to use sonar to steer along the water level and navigate through challenging geology made up of clay, gravels and large boulders that had to be drilled straight through! Overall, the installation process was fairly quick, taking a total of just 5 days. To save further space and excavation costs, the header pipes for the underground manifold were installed underneath the farmhouse itself which was located some 70 metres from the external underground manifold. The plantroom itself houses the  heat pump, plus a 1250l hygienically safe hot water and buffer tank.

As the development features multiple properties which are rented out separately, it is eligible for the Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive, this enabled the Phillips’ to receive 20 years’ worth of quarterly payments from the Government based on the buildings’ metered heat usage.

The Phillips’ are delighted with their heat pump which compliments the green credentials of their holiday business:

“Our heat pump is now in operation for its second winter and has experienced external temperatures down to -6 degrees.  Our family and guests staying at ‘The Secret Yurts’ have always had ample hot water, our house is warm throughout the year for the first time ever and we don’t have to worry about buying oil!  The underground pipe installation was great with virtually no disruption to our land and no messy trenches to fill in!  Above all the support from Ground Sun and Kensa during installation, set up and beyond has been fantastic. We would recommend such an installation to anybody considering moving to a renewable heating system.”

Terry and Tracey Phillips, Owners – The Secret Yurts

See videos of the installation below

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