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A Ground Source Heat Pump was chosen as a sustainable and energy-efficient way to provide 100% space heating and hot water for this 550m2 new build eco-house in East London. The heat pump, together with Solar Thermal hot water and LED lighting give this property stunning energy performance and comfort.

The property was designed by architect Jason Harris, Director of East London based architectural practice T-space.

A 20KW heat pump was required, however generally heat pumps only go to 14KW capacity before transferring to three phase power.  Three phase power would be expensive for a residential premises, therefore, Ground Sun came up with the solution whereby a single heat pump was supplied with two split 10kw scroll compressors with a delayed start.  This allowed the installation of a 20KW UK manufactured Kensa heat pump on a normal single phase residential house supply.

Ground Sun installed the heat pump using the radial drilling method. A main drill chamber is installed which acts as an access point from which the bores were drilled. By drilling out from the main chamber at 65 degree and 45 degree angles, 8 x 50m long radial boreholes were installed on this restricted site.


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