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We believe in a greener future and want to support tomorrow’s engineers, ecologists and environmental specialists and so want to give something back. We believe that it is very possible for the next generation of individuals to make the world a better place through greener construction practices.

With this in mind we have created the Ground Sun Scholarship for Green Living to encourage and entice students of the future and create a more environmentally friendly construction culture. You can see our helical piles and Ground Source Heat Pump services to get an idea of what we offer.

Each year, Ground Sun’s Scholarship for Green Living will provide a student with a scholarship if they show exceptional promise and showcase an interesting and exciting way to make greener buildings and energy creation a reality.

To be in with a chance of winning our £1000 scholarship we want you to create a 2-3 minute video or a 600 word blog post discussing what you think the biggest opportunities and threats are in the green domestic building space. We want you to discuss different forms of domestic energy production and what motivates you to be greener and more sustainable.

The winner will receive £1000 towards higher education.

Terms Of Participation

You have the opportunity to win a £1000 scholarship! All we ask you to do is consider the concept of green domestic building space and discuss the threats and pertaining opportunities using one of two mediums. You can either choose to write a 600 word blog post or create a 2 to 3 minute video. We would like you to include some of the following concepts: a) what is your motivation to lead a pro-green life and become sustainable, and b) domestic energy production forms.

Our selected winner will receive £1000 to put towards his or her higher education! For more information, keep reading.


We are currently seeking only students that are enrolled in high school, university, college, or a trade school.

Creative Guidelines

We want you to convince us of your personal beliefs and your blog post or video should be not only creative, but offer your definitive stand on the topic. When making your presentation, use innovation and ingenuity and if you wish make reference to our screw piles.

How Videos Are Judged

When taking a look at the videos received, we will look at several aspects such as: how informative it is, persuasiveness, and the amount of creativity put forth.

Submitting Applications

Put together your video, but make sure it doesn’t exceed 5 minutes in length. Use YouTube to upload your video, and title it: Ground Sun Training Scholarship Program. Additionally, please include a link to this page in the description. Once you’ve done everything above, send us an email with the active YouTube link to scholarship@wedotraining.com and make sure to include the following data:

-Your full name, mailing address, and phone number
-The name of your school (you currently attend or have been accepted at)
-Proof of your enrollment or future enrollment at the school
-Your area of study

By sending us your submission, you give us (Ground Sun) full permission to use as well as display your video for promotional and marketing purposes.

November 28th, 2015 is the deadline and a winner will be selected on November 30th, 2015. A new winner may be chosen if original winner does not claim prize within 2 weeks. Our scholarship programs run on a yearly basis.

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