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Ground Source Heat Pump for new build house in East Sussex

Ground Sun have designed, supplied and installed a GSHP and underfloor heating with passive cooling for this spectacular 350m2 new build.  Two 120m boreholes were drilled and header pipe laid from the underground manifold to the 10kW Ochsner heat pump.

3km of IVT Prineto underfloor heating pipe was then laid to provide heating and passive cooling throughout the property.

Finally, a 14 panel ground mount 4kW PV array was installed which will provide circa 4600kwh per annum and will benefit from the Government’s Feed in Tarif (FIT) income for 20 years.

The client can enjoy a highly efficient heating and passive comfort cooling system with a very low running cost and the heat pump will be eligible for the Government’s renewable heating scheme (RHI) with quarterly payments over a 7 year period.

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