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Ground Sun installs ground source heat pumps for this ‘harder to heat’ farmhouse in rural Essex

It’s a myth that heat pump technology is not suited to older, harder to heat properties.  If the heat pump is correctly designed and sized this technology works efficiently in all types of buildings.

We were excited when this client contacted us for advice on heating his farmhouse in rural Essex.  Ground Sun conducted a full energy assessment of the house, the EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) rated it as a ‘G’ -this is the worst possible rating for energy efficiency and running costs!  Ground Sun thermally modelled the house to ensure an accurate heat load was determined for this harder to heat property.

The client wanted to transform the property into a comfortable family home with reduced running costs and heating from a sustainable source, rather than relying on costly oil deliveries.

Ground Sun installed three Ochsner GMSW 10kW ground source heat pumps set up in a ‘cascade’ system.  The cascade set up is beneficial as when the heat load is low not all the heat pumps are in operation, thereby reducing running costs.

The cold side ground collector pipes were installed in 2.4km of chain dug trenches 1.2m deep and 100mm wide in the property’s adjoining paddock. The horizontal pipe layout consisted of 8 loops of 300m each.  The installation of the piping took a total of 4 days to complete.

The client is delighted with the heat pumps; the property is now warm and comfortable and the client no longer needs to worry about high running costs from using oil.  This installation will benefit from the Government’s renewable heat incentive scheme (RHI) and with quarterly payments from this scheme the system should pay for itself within 6 years and the client will continue receiving payments over a 7-year period, in addition to benefiting from up to a 70% reduction in running costs!

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