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A beautiful Huff house in Norfolk has switched from mains gas to run on the Air Eagle, a highly efficient air source heat pump.  The proud owner of this house had a technical background and a keen interest in sustainability. Following intense research into heat pump technology, he chose the Ochsner Air Eagle heat pump due to their actual running efficiency, noise levels and high performance.

The Eagle heat pump is quiet and constructed of quality German and Austrian manufactured components, which are encased in a powder-coated stainless steel casing to last the test of time. This machine has a unique horizontal table design (instead of a vertical fan) that sources all the heating and hot water by recycling energy from the rain and outside air.

On the day of installation in a chilly December, the Eagle was heating the Huff house to a toasty 25 degrees with zero air pollution. This renewable heating project is an excellent example of how we can switch to renewable heating from fossil fuel burning boilers and improve quality of living. 🦅



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