Construction teams and piling contractors face significant financial and time investment when working with CFA Continuous Flight Auger piles. On installation alone, the process is tenfold.

CHANCE® Helical Pulldown Micropiles

Often the price per pile from a piling contractor is to main metric of choosing which piling solution to choose, however there is little attention paid to the exclusions, schedule cost and the work remaining with the main contractor once the CFA piling rig is demobilsed. below are some examples of both schedule and financial cost to the main contractor.

  1. Mobilisation of large equipment needed to install CFA Piles
  2. De-energised and lowered power lines
  3. De-watering of ground
  4. Trees cut back or removed
  5. Installation of piling mat to support CFA rig
  6. Pre augured holes
  7. Removal of spoils muck away and overflowing of grout
  8. 15m rebar cages suspended from height taking ownership of site
  9. Waiting for concrete to cure
  10. Breaking down of pile cap in the top 1m with jackhammers due to fat rises and removal of contaminants
  11. Installation of RC pile cap inorder to terminate the CFA pile
  12. Restoration of overhead powerlines and access points
  13. Demobilisation of large equipment offsite
  14. Breaking down of piling mat used to support CFA rig

Construction is all about production and shortening timelines, the CHANCE Helical Pulldown Micropile was developed with speed, construction site constraints and schedule in mind. It is of course modular in order to limit the height of installation and for restricted access sites with low headroom. It meets the section modulus requirements of engineering designers and can be installed with standard excavators already onsite. In addtion to this it exceeds the necessary capacity requirements with ULS of up to and above 1000kN. The measurement of torque during pile installation is directly correlated to he capacity of the pile providing consistent and reliable results in the field.

Designed for foundations were increasing capacity and predictable results is essential, the CHANCE® Pulldown Micropile™ is a deep foundation solution which is fully grouted, resistant to corrosion in aggressive soils and also idela for high water tables.

As a proven engineered foundation solution, end bearing and side buckling resistance is combined to deliver a large diameter solution for applications such as new construction, heavy road construction, pipelines, commercial/industrial buildings and tanks/sewer. It is ideal for limited access sites or areas with low headroom clearance. This sectional pile provides added capacity while achieving efficient, predictable results.