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Ice Thermal Storage for Cooling Buildings

Ground Sun’s ice storage system for cooling and heating buildings or industrial processes, delivers huge savings on energy costs while offering valuable environmental and sustainability benefits. In essence, our product acts as an ice battery for commercial HVAC systems and domestic applications.

Our Ice storage cooling system is unique; it uses Ground Sun’s technology to create and capture thermal energy which is stored as ice and used later to maintain temperatures within a building or industrial process. The waste heat generally discarded by the refrigeration process is captured and used for space heating and hot water. Our innovative product is easily integrated into both new build and existing HVAC systems.

Running costs can be greatly reduced, compared to alternative air conditioning and heating systems, as the system maximises the financial benefits of low cost, off-peak energy tariffs and reduces the amount of equipment needed.

With savings on running costs and CO2 emissions of up to 70%, superior environmental benefits, and operational flexibility to suit most buildings, ice storage cooling and heating could be the best solution for your existing building or industrial project.

How Ice Storage Cooling Works

Ground Sun’s Heat Pump is linked to a bespoke ice storage tank of any shape or size. A proprietary water-based solution is cooled during the night time or simultaneously when there is a heating demand, taking advantage of lower energy prices and capturing normally discarded waste heat or cold. The chilled solution then freezes inside our ice storage tank with no heat exchanger required maximising space usage.

The ice storage tank can be constructed of concrete, steel or plastic, placed overground or underground and due to our unique technology and approach, 100% of the space available within this tank is used for maximum storage capacity.

In the day time, the stored thermal energy is carried by the solution to cooling coils in an air handling unit (AHU). Air is blown over the coils by a fan and cooled ready for distribution at the right temperature to meet the demands of the building.

Ground Sun provides a unique solution to provide this cooling in conjunction with our ground source heat pumps. We can utilise the cold produced during the heat pump process to freeze the ice batteries/ tanks, resulting in a more energy-efficient process for both heating and cooling for your building. By utilising both sides of the refrigeration cycle our systems are up to 700% efficient (COP).

The Flexible Solution to Suit Any Building or Industrial Process

Our system offers simultaneous heating and cooling as well as recharging of ice batteries at night time. This flexibility means cooling can be provided for use weeks or months later via the ice batteries/tanks. Our flexible system means we recycle cold during the heating cycle stored as Ice for near zero carbon cooling in the future.

The stored thermal energy of the ice storage batteries/tanks, and the heat pumps can be used exclusively or in combination to meet changing demands. Our system is retrofitted into an existing installation or stand alone to cover 100% of cooling and heating demand.

In peak periods in case of grid outages, the stored energy in the ‘ice battery’ will continue to cool the building adding an increased level of redundancy to your installation. This makes ice storage cooling an effective solution where constant temperature control is crucial, such as data storage and server rooms, hotels, leisure facilities, food and process industry.

Thermal Storage Air Conditioning from Ground Sun.

Environmental and sustainability features are becoming an important part of all building and refurbishment projects.
Businesses and organisations that use a building want to show their green credentials. Customers and visitors want the spaces they visit to be environmentally friendly. Many contracts and tender criteria now require evidence of meeting environmental legislation and want details of the actions organisations are taking to protect and improve the planet.

Our ice storage system has many positive environmental features:

  • The installed refrigeration capacity is reduced and hence the amount of maintenance and run cost
  • Ice storage is compatible with renewable energy generation methods
  • Using off-peak electricity tariffs reduces demand during peak hours and run costs due to cheaper night time electricity
  • The system reduces CO2 emissions and your Carbon footprint by up to 70%

Our ice storage cooling system proves you’re serious about the environment and sustainability.

Consider Ice Thermal Storage Cooling for Your Existing or Next Project – Ice Battery

If you want a greener, cost effective, flexible solution for air conditioning then consider the benefits of an ice thermal storage air conditioning system.

To find out if this is the best solution for your next construction or refurbishment project, get advice and information from the experts by contacting us about our ice storage in London or throughout the UK.

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