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OCHSNER AIR Multi-Tower All in One

The new space-saving complete solution for heating, cooling and domestic hot water for the single-family house,

The space-saving indoor unit “Multi-Tower” from Ochsner Wärmepumpen GmbH combines on a floor area of ??70 × 80 cm all components such as control, a superimposed heating accumulator for heating and a hot water tank for your drinking water , Optionally, in summer even the heating mode can be switched to cooling, but only with underfloor heating.

Since all components are already installed as standard, the installation effort is reduced to a minimum. For install in hard to reach places, the compact indoor unit can be separated into two parts. The “Multi-Tower” can be combined with all outdoor units of the model series AIR EAGLE and BASIC, precisely according to your needs.

Area of application of the Multi-Tower

The Multitower was developed for a single family house with up to 5 persons. Depending on the outdoor unit with a heating flow temperature of up to 65 ° C, also ideal for the renovation and replacement of an oil or gas boiler.

The heating buffer storage with 100 litres content is suitable for both underfloor and radiator heating. The overlying domestic hot water tank with 168 litres provides you with domestic hot water, which is heated continuously with the heat pump as needed.

For the service on the Multi-Tower, the front panel can be easily removed and the descaling of the domestic hot water tank on the flange can be carried out. The indoor unit “Multi-Tower” is hydraulically and electrically connected to the corresponding outdoor unit. With the Multi-Tower, all hydraulic connections are designed for easy installation.

Your advantage

The AIR EAGLE air/water heat pump in combination with the “Multi-Tower” not only guarantees the lowest operating costs but also convinces with its quietest sound emissions and the most extended service life.

The selection of different outdoor units and the quick and straightforward installation, a cost-effective and environmentally friendly heating system can be realised.

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