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A closer look at how we saved a client money with our Oschner Heat Pumps

One of the top selling points of our heat pumps is their ability to save money.

Thanks to Oschner heat pumps and their extremely efficient make up, we are able to offer the sorts of savings on energy that many of the larger commercial offerings can’t. With a top ErP rating and also an innovative approach, we have been able to provide top quality heat pump offerings that save our clients thousands.

One of our finest examples was that of a camps site with a 200 year old stone farm house in Wales.

Ground Sun began working on this pioneering ground source heat pump install in August 2014. Before we installed our heat pump, this particular farm house and campsite were paying thousands of pounds in oil.

Obviously, there are potential structural issues with a building like this, meaning the owners were wary.

Our ground source heat pump system was perfect. It requires no internal modification, no underfloor heating and no need for additional insulation – all of which could pose problems. Instead we quickly and efficiently installed our heat pump in a non-intrusive manner using our plug and play HP system.

The results are pretty impressive if you don’t mind us saying.

Thanks to our system installation, we have cut their bills by 128%. Additionally, we have allowed them to make £4600 in savings a year when the running costs, RHI Income and energy savings are added up. This results in the £29,000 investment being paid off in just over 6 years, with almost £100,000 being saved over a 20 year period.

Our innovative GSHP systems provide the very best in quality, saving you thousands a year.

If you’re interested then please get in touch – we’d love to help you save too.



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