AB Chance Helical screw pile foundations for new build off-the-shelf houses in South London

AB Chance Helical Screw Pile foundations were the ideal solution for these two new build off-the-shelf, environmentally friendly houses in South London.

This restricted access, back garden site was located on a flood plain with challenging ground conditions.  Our AB Chance certified and trained installers installed 10 screw piles for each house using a mini excavator with a hydraulic attachment on the boom. 

There was no requirement for piling mats or muck away arisings, which are a factor with normal piling methods. 

The piling operation for both houses was quick, taking only 1 (long!) day with the piles ready to receive the steel grillage the following day.

A beam and block floor and SIP (Structural Insulated Panels), thermally enhanced wall and roof construction will make these compact housing solutions some of the smartest and environmentally friendliest houses on the UK market.