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Screw Pile Solution protecting 300 year old oak tree in Ashtead.

19 Screw Piles installed around a 300 year old oak tree for front side and rear extension and 2 installed internally  as part of a house reconfiguration. Using the AB Chance screw pile system ensured the protection of this natural historical landmark for, potentially,  centuries to come. Allowing this tree to continue to support the local ecology as a valuable food source for small mammals and birds and a habitat for many insect species.

19 Screw piles installed via  a machine mounted installation. This solution was necessary as no other piling system could have been approved this close to a protected tree. Ground Sun assisted in gaining approval for these foundations supplying method statements and detailed specifications about the helical screw piling system.

Ground sun were also contracted to install 2 screw piles and a reinforced concrete stud beam inside the existing building to provide support for new steel posts as part of a house reconfiguration.  This was installed via a handheld rig due to restricted nature of this job. Ground sun were able to install these piles with access only through a standard door frame! Building control originally required a 2.5m – 3m deep 1m2 concrete pad to support this reconfiguration. This would have proven very difficult and time consuming for the primary contractors due to the restricted access and the amount of excavation required and also the cramped area in which they would have had to dig. Ground Sun’s solution enabled the installation to be completed within a day with no excavation.

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