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GS200 – Small Home and Apartment Heat PumpsAir Source Heat Pump with No Outdoor Fan Unit


The Ground Sun 200 (GS200) has been designed for Smarter buildings (and intelligent developers). It’s a compact, smart air source heat pump solution for apartments and small homes which provides space heating and hot water with the unique design of no outdoor unit.

The super-compact eco-solution that transforms outdoor air into indoor heat and hot water renewable energy.

  • Improved air quality
  • Low running cost
  • Pre-plumbed for fast installation
  • Incredibly quiet
  • Robustly safeSmall Apartment Air Source Heat Pump case studies1


A Clean Air Future with the Innovative Ground Sun 200 Air Source Heat Pump for Apartments and Small Homes  

For four decades, heating brand Ochsner has continually pushed what’s possible – with each of their products being defined by energy-awareness and a pioneering spirit. The Ground Sun 200 perfectly reflects the leaps and bounds made by this class-leading heat pump brand. 

Suitable for use in both apartments and houses of up to 100m2, the Ground Sun 200 not only delivers ultra-low carbon heating and hot water, it can also provide cool air – all directly from outdoor air, without the need for complex plumbing or external components. In fact, all that will sit on the outside of the building will be two unobtrusive 150mm insulated air ducts.


A Smart Choice, for Smarter Buildings

The Ground Sun 200 requires just 0.7 m2 of floorspace and, being pre-plumbed, installation is also fast and straightforward – for complete ease of installation. 

Even if outdoor temperatures fall to as low as -10°C, the Ground Sun 200 will still be capable of producing hot water of up to 60°C.

For higher-end properties, this heating solution works just as effectively with underfloor heating and comes complete with the necessary circulating pump and temperature control valves. The Ground Sun 200 is intuitively operated using intelligent Tiptronic control with touch display.

Effortless energy efficiency 

Offering whisper-quiet operation, A+ energy efficiency and zero local emissions during installation, the Ground Sun 200 makes light work of meeting today’s demanding governmental targets for energy efficient development. 

Call our team on +44 (0)20 8989 7134 or email us via: info@groundsun.co.uk 

Key Features

Smart Grid Ready, PV function as standard

  • No external unit required – outside air just ducted in and out
  • Powered by Ochsner heat exchange
  • 200 litre stainless steel storage
  • For well insulated new build apartments & houses up to ~100m2
  • Zero local emissions for a clean air future
  • Water temperature up to 60 °C
  • Compact footprint 0.7m2 to save space
  • Works down to -10 °C outside air temperature
  • Simple installation – Pre-plumbed ready for plumber to connect
  • E rod fitted for 100% backup – very safe
  • Can also cool
  • Heat source – 2 x 150mm insulated air ducts vented to outside
  • Circulating pump & temp control valves incl. for underfloor heating
  • Insulated ducting, expansion vessel provided by onsite plumber

Key Specifications 

  • Energy efficiency class A+
  • Efficiency to COP EN 255-3 3.5
  • Operating temperature (min/max) -10 to +40 °C
  • Space heating & hot water circulation pump included

Tiptronic control with touch display 

  • Intelligent control with simple operation
  • Heat pump operation control & programmer

Call our team on +44 (0)20 8989 7134 or email us via: info@groundsun.co.uk



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