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Sustainble Vision  

environmentally friendly heating and hot water powererd by Solar 

  • Date: Sept 2019 
  • Client: Mormac Construction 
  • Poject Type: New build 

About this Project

The sustainability challenge was to create a zero carbon property which generated sufficient annual solar PV electricity to drive the hot water, pool and underfloor heating systems. The result is a 10 bedroom residence in Bromley London, which sources all of its heating from sustainable sources


Our engineers designed provided input on the construction of the shell and spec’d the ventilation, underfloor heating, pool heat exchangers, solar PV size and heat pump system. All of which work seamlessly together  to make this property highly efficient and powered by the suns sustainable energy. 

The installation consisted of the following : 

15kW parapet roof mounted solar PV array feeding the plantroom and batteries. 

  • 2 number high efficiency Made in Austria heat pumps – OCHSNER AIR 41 table source heat pumps, web connected for remote monitoring and performance verification. A ground source heat pump was considered for the project however the project schedule did not allow the 2km of vertical boreholes that would have been required. Instead the 2 tables each (2mx1mx1m) where commissioned. The tables are unique as they offer an identical efficiency to ground source and at a low sound output. 
    GS1,250 litre twin coil hot water tank for high flow rate upto 130l/min Hygienically drag hot water. The water is fresh as it is heating on demand via 2 corrugated stainless steel coils in the cylinder, which eliminate the beed for a legionella cycle boosting efficiency 
  • Gov’t RHI Renewable Heat Incentive £12,000 over 7 years 
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