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The Heat pumps from the GMLW, HAWK and OCHSNER AIR  series are the ideal solution for those who want the best: these products are noted for their particularly quiet operation, high energy efficiency and long service life.

They are the first choice for both new build and retrofitting, as well as dual mode systems. The air heat exchanger is positioned horizontally in split outdoor units boosting efficiency by extracting energy from the rain. Slow running fans ensure whisper quiet operation with maximum energy efficiency.

Choose from a broad colour palette for your horizontal split evaporator for outdoor installation.  The appliances are manufactured in an exclusive design; in addition to the standard colours – anthracite or white – OCHSNER offers a further 1625 shades, allowing your heat pump to blend in perfectly with its intended surroundings.

Thanks to our OCHSNER heat pump customers, since 1978
tons CO2 have been saved!


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