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Helical tieback anchors and soil nails

CHANCE helical tieback anchors and soil nails are pre-manufactured steel anchor elements consisting of a central steel shaft and one or more sections of specialist helical shaped bearing plates terminated with unique detail. These CHANCE products provide additional lateral support for many retaining walls and slope stabilisation designs. CHANCE screw anchor act in a bearing mode compared to grouted anchors which rely on friction. This gives the CHANCE products economic advantages as bearing plates are spaced along the entire length of the pile and are ready for immediate loading as soon as installed.

Installation takes place with a standard excavator/mini digger by rotating or screwing the anchor into the ground. Each helical bearing plate is formed into a screw thread with a uniform defined pitch. The tieback anchors are installed into the ground until the helical plates are located in load-bearing soil and a specific torque reading on a gauge is reached. The tieback anchor is then attached to the wall face and terminated.


  • No grout
  • Fast installation
  • Clean installation
  • Immediate loading
  • No spoils to remove
  • Lower installed costs
  • One-trip convenience
  • Installs in limited access areas
  • Reclaims valuable building locations


  • Predictable capacity
  • Cost-effective method
  • Easy to store, reusable
  • Pre-engineered system
  • Labor-saving keeps installation teams small
  • Screws into place (not predrilled)
  • Less equipment than grouted nails – standard excavator/mini digger
  • Site-specific to conditions and loads
  • Extendable with bolted joint connection
  • Compatible with other materials and practices
  • Bearing device in place (not friction dependent)

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