Time and Tide Bell installation in Lincolnshire

The Time and Tide Bell Project is a national arts project connecting us to the coastline of Britain http://www.timeandtidebell.org/

The bells are positioned around the coast of Britain and are rung by the action of the sea at high tide.  The Bells, designed by Artist, Marcus Vergette, are installed by the local community to create, celebrate and reinforce connections between the land and the sea and between ourselves and our environment.

Ground Sun designed, supplied and installed screw pile foundations to support the latest Bell installation on the fast chaning coastline of Mablethorpe, Lincolnshire.  Six screw piles were installed in challenging weather conditions at low tide on the beach north of Mablethorpe. One of the challenges was getting all the equipment to the site, where the only access was over sand dunes.  The piles were installed using a mini excavator with a hydraulic attachment on the boom.

The installation was on a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and so extra care had to be taken to comply with the regulatory authorities to ensure no damage to the environment.


“Brian and his team delivered exactly what they promised under the most extreme of circumstances: continuous cold driving rain for fourteen hours – and all in good humour. As the piling took place on an SSSI, special care was required to keep the beach untouched apart from that agreed with the regulatory authorities, and Ground Sun being environmentalists went over and above to ensure compliance. I can’t recommend them highly enough.”

Lincolnshire Time and Tide Bell CIC”
Mark Watkins

“Groundsun have been the ideal company to work with on this complicated project. They have been  flexible and accommodating, and  engaged in finding solutions to problems. The work ethic of the team was superb and the quality of the work excellent. If you want something done these are the people to use, they are more than value for money.”