Telecom & Mast Support

Screw piles have proven to be a valuable solution for supporting telecoms equipment and mast structures.

In the telecommunications industry, reliable and stable support for antennas, towers, and equipment is crucial to ensure uninterrupted communication services.

Traditionally, concrete foundations were used, requiring extensive excavation and time-consuming processes. However, screw piles offer a more efficient and cost-effective alternative. These piles, consisting of steel shafts with helical plates, are rapidly installed by screwing them into the ground using specialized equipment.

The helical plates provide excellent load-bearing capacity, allowing them to withstand the weight and wind forces exerted on the mast structures. Screw piles offer several advantages, such as reduced installation time, minimal disruption to the surrounding area, and the ability to adjust or remove the piles if necessary.

These factors make screw piles an ideal choice for telecoms and mast support, ensuring the stability and longevity of critical infrastructure in the telecommunications industry.

TELECOM MAST SUPPORT tension and compression- square