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A WSHP can provide 100% of your heating, hot water and cooling for your property…..

If you have a water source (lake, river or sea) close to your building, you can free yourself from rising energy costs associated with using traditional gas or oil boilers.

Why change?

  • Water is an ideal energy source for a heat pump and is often much cheaper to install than the traditional Ground Source Heat Pump as there is no need for boreholes or trenches to be dug.
  • No more expensive gas, electric and heating oil bills as heat pumps are inexpensive to run.
  • Take advantage of the Government’s generous Renewable 
  • Heat Incentive Tariffs
  • (see below) – you will get paid more than it costs to run the pump and return on investment is usually between 5 and 6 years!

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is a Government Scheme which pays a tariff for every kWh of heat generated by a supported technology. Commercial tariffs are paid for 20 years, domestic tariffs for 7 years, both RPI linked! See tables below for indicative rates:

Ground Sun can design, supply and install your WSHP. We are MCS accredited so you can be sure your system will be installed to the highest standards and be eligible for those lucrative RHI tariffs.

Typical RHI Payments (Commercial) Click here

Typical RHI Payments (Domestic) Click here

Ground Sun can design, supply and install your WSHP. We are MCS accredited, so let our team of competent and experienced engineers install your system to the highest standards and you will be eligible for those lucrative RHI tariffs. 

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