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Water Source Heat Pumps

Installation of Heat Pumps London & Nationwide

Ground Sun are installers of the water source heat pump in London and nationwide and aim to lower your energy costs and cut your carbon footprint.

Water Heat Pumps (WSHP) can save up to as much as 100% of your heat and hot water needs, as well as serving to cool your home during the warmer months.

Suitable for those who are situated nearby to a natural water source (such as a lake, sea or river) these pumps can literally free you from the constraints and drawbacks of traditional systems (saving you from the increasingly sky-high energy bills that many people are facing).

How does a Water Source Heat Pump Work?

The WSHP extracts natural stored energy in water and moves it into your building and increases its temperature. This then provides numerous benefits as compared to traditional heating systems. WSHPs  may be either closed loop or open loop, with water sources that can be from ponds, rivers, springs wells or boreholes.

Open Loop Water Heat Pump Systems

Open Loop Water Source Heat Pump is where water is extracted from the source and then processed through the heat pump and its heat exchanger where energy is extracted and moved to the building;

Closed Loop Heat Pump System

Closed Loop Heat Pump Systems may provide slightly less energy efficiency owing tosome heat being lost during the transfer from source to pump. Unlike open loop heat pumps, they do not require a licence and require less maintenance.

Benefits of these Heat Pumps

  • When heat is transferred from water, it is usually considerably higher than when from ground or air; this fosters a consistent energy replacement rate, WSHPs are generally considered the most efficient of all heat pumps.
  • When using water as a heat source, you remove the requirement for the substantial digging of trenches, which can consequentially reduce the cost of installation.
  • The temperature of the heat pump when water is used is generally higher than the ground air which then increases CoP (coefficient of performance) of the heat pump.

Why change and use us as your WSHP Installer?

Water is an ideal energy source for a heat pump and is often much cheaper to install than the traditional Ground Source Heat Pump as there is no need for boreholes or trenches to be dug.

No more expensive gas, electric and heating oil bills as heat pumps are inexpensive to run.

Take advantage of the Government’s generous Renewable Heat Incentive Tariffs  – you will get paid more than it costs to run the pump and return on investment is usually between 5 and 6 years!

Ground Sun can design, supply and install your WSHP in London or anywhere in the UK.

We are MCS accredited so you can be sure your system will be installed to the highest standards and be eligible for those lucrative RHI tariffs.

Think that a WSHP could work wonders for your energy bills? Talk to the team today.

Heard enough? Let’s get started then.

Get in touch with our team to learn more about our water source heat pump installations.

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